Our Story

It was sold out in a flash. Everything that happened afterwards is a history. They gathered experiences, improved their skills, and developed new technologies but always having in mind top quality and the sense of warm that they could provide to their customers. The STARLING brand has come a very long way, but has a little further to go and follow its founders. 30 years ago we were mainly inspired by nature: snowy mountain forests, freezing cold, warm of fireplace with crackling sounds, and wild animals. We still adhere to this and treat the nature as the main source of inspiration.
The seat of our company is located at the bottom of the mountains close to a place where it all began. We look into the future and upcoming challenges, with some reflections on the past reminding us WHY WE LOVE WHAT WE DO?

It all began 30 years ago during a frosty winter in Bieskid Mountains. Two friends stayed in a mountain hostel. Reality that they left behind stayed equally well without them as they stayed without it. At some point they came to a conclusion that since they spent most of the time there they would have make money by doing it. They started with a ski service. Soon, it turned out that people used to leave their skiing equipment there so as to have a good time in the mountain hostel. They need something more… During winter time the weather was really frosty up there and everyone needed something to warm up. And so they came up with the idea of knitted bandeaus that they could sell in the service shop. The first set of products was manufactured by means of an old manual machine that they found in their friend’s home.

In the making


There is a single word to describe both the founders of Starling Brand and those who make it stronger and stronger day by day: artists.

This is why our products and their setting are one of a kind. We make our hats with only those materials that have proven to be reliable during our long journey. We design product labels, write texts and take photos of our products by ourselves. We do care for each product and about each customer.
We have never decided to move our production line to the Far East. Why, if it would be cheaper? Maybe, but this is not the thing. So as to provide the top quality products to our customers we need to do it by ourselves. Each of our hats undergoes a complex process of quality control performed by many people checking quality of sewing, materials and any added details. Working in this way we have been able to provide the top quality products to our customers.


Meet the Starling Team.

Our team combines almost 30-year experience in the industry with a new wind of modernity. People with vast experience and unique skills cooperate with young spirits with lots of unconventional and crazy ideas.
Members of our Team are also active artists.

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